Knowsley Teen Wins Place on Global Programme

Seventeen year old Knowsley resident Robyn Dooley has secured a place on the World Merit Programme, Merit Nexy – giving her the ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to travel around the world engaging with world leaders and debating global social issues. Robyn was chosen for her work in the community, including launching a campaign to increase youth awareness of politics in the area. As part of the scheme Robyn will travel to New York, London and Washington and take part in ‘apprentice’ style challenges and group work around global and local social challenges.

Robyn says: “I think the scariest part of joining world merit was the possibility of rejection, I soon got over that fear once I realised everyone in the World Merit hub is thriving for change whether that be on a local or global scale. To be part of Merit Next, it’s a simple click of a button. A program where we can all celebrate our achievements and inspire one another. Would you say no to someone offering you the chance to travel the world?"

The programme is delivered by Emily Karatay on behalf of One Ark in partnership with World Merit, young people interested in the Merit Next Leadership Programme can build points by undertaking social enterprise-based activity in the community, as well as receiving mentoring. Emily has engaged with over 2,500 young people across Knowsley offering them the opportunity to get involved in the exciting initiative. The aim is to have over one hundred participants from Knowsley aged 18-30 that will each finish the scheme with a life plan, to work towards employment and other goals. The outcome will be for 100 young people to receive the benefits of mentoring and support, to interact with World Merit as well as support to develop a pathway to employment, training or volunteering. Only Merit Next candidates will launch a Life plan. A further three participants, including Robyn, who achieve the most points through their work, will undertake a year-long diary of events and activities including trips to cities across the world, acting as ambassadors for British youth. Merit Next is based on na application process, and activity within their community. The points act as a guideline but are not the deciding factor, so as to remain open to latecomers.

"Merit Next is a year-long leadership program accessible to the most talented and driven young people from around the globe. World Merit is working with some of the world's most innovative thought leaders and organizations to provide a life-changing experience that will accelerate the potential of all participants. Just imagine that in our Your Big Year program, the young leaders selected for the finals worked with Richard Brandson, Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito and collaborated with Google, Deloitte's Centre for the Edge, Vodafone and Bloomberg. Merit Next is going to be just as ambitious!"

The Merit Next programme is delivered by One Ark in partnership with World Merit, and features amongst a host of initiatives that aim to create resilient communities and offer opportunities to improve the life chances of people in Knowsley and the Liverpool City Region.

For further information please contact Louise Habberfield – email or call 0151 290 7103.

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