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Loan Shark Awareness Week


Loan Shark Awareness Week is an annual event that takes place every year in November and is delivered in partnership with the Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) [England] who operate nationally.

The project provides support, advice, protection and alternative sources of finance to help people avoid and defeat illegal doorstep lenders. During the campaign we engaged with over 930 people across various communities and as a result the IMLT team have supported over 100 victims of 'illegal money lending'. The week long awareness campaign includes a variety of accessible engagement sessions and events from supermarket drop-in sessions, sponsorship of local football matches and meet & greet with the Loan Shark Awareness Mascot 'Sharky'.

As a result of the project, people in local communities have saved an estimated £166,000 in loan charges and one high profile illegal money lender was convicted.

The project has been nationally recognised after being included in the PlaceShapers Report “Localism in Action” and shortlisted for a Chartered Institute of Housing Award

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