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One Ark’s work as an investment charity, which unites people and their communities with projects that create a social, economic and environmental return. One Ark is positioned as a catalyst for social transformation, and as an ‘Investor in Change’ organisation. All of One Ark’s projects, regardless of size, are focussed on delivering pioneering work to revive communities and the lives of people who live in them.  Our proven track-record encourages social change and allows us to share our good practice and innovative approaches with others.

Why invest in/fund us?

As an investor of One Ark you are directly helping us to continue to generate social value by empowering people with high-impact community projects.  One Ark also effectively measures the Well Being Value for its investors using a nationally recognised social value measurement tool from HACT.  At One Ark, we are aware that being a ‘Good Business’ makes good business sense and a forward thinking company will hold a social approach that drives opportunities and sets them apart from the competition.

You may feel that getting to grips with ‘Good Business’ can seem like a daunting task.  You may be confused by the different methodologies and jargon (Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Impact, Social Value and LM3).  You may lack the time to make your ideas a reality.  You may not have the links and partnerships you need to make the difference you want.  You may feel that your business is too small to make any real impact.  You may not be getting maximum impact from your existing efforts.  You may be doing great things but don’t know how to measure or communicate them.

One Ark works with you to understand, establish and deliver your unique social approach to ‘Good Business’ and CSR activity.  It’s not a one size fits all solution.  One Ark facilitates and delivers your maximum social impact by formulating partnerships, involving your people and your place, matching or devising programmes of work, growing your resources, assessing the impact and telling your story.

If you would like to invest in One Ark or find out more about how an investment in One Ark can help drive your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility, then contact or call 07834 526 804 for more information.

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If you are interested in investing or partnering with One Ark we would welcome the opportunity to work with people who want to make a difference in our communities. There are lots of ways of getting in touch so drop us an email, pick up the phone or message us on social media.