Volition supporting people and families

The Challenge

Volition started out with a belief that there is another way to support people who want to work and blended this idea with a forward thinking Cathedral that was willing to open its doors, be creative and try out new ideas.

Volition work to identify volunteer roles for unemployed people, whilst at the same time bringing a sharp focus to employability and skills needs and creating a structured pathway to support people back to work.

There are 2 main reasons why Volition works well: Cathedrals are iconic places, a part of the civic leadership of a city and therefore able to bring key players together to make a difference and; Volunteering can play a bigger role in tackling poverty, social exclusion and ultimately reduce unemployment in cities.

The Story

Sarah was a lone parent and struggled to fit working around her daughter’s care. She was also struggling with her confidence after applying for jobs as a motorcycle mechanic and being turned away on every occasion.

Volition worked to encourage and support Sarah in order to build her up into the confident, capable person that she could be. Her voluntary role saw her getting involved with the Vergers which allowed her to put her skills and knowledge to good use. She got so stuck in she was even able to repair some lawnmower engines for the team at the Cathedral.

The Manager of the shop noticed her dedication, hard work and enthusiasm and when hours became available, he asked specifically for Sarah. She interviewed excellently and was offered a contract that fitted around her childcare needs.

Sarah has since thrown herself head first into her role and has taught herself local history, geography and information about the Cathedral itself so she can provide visitors with the best possible experience.

Project Outcomes


You can download the case study here

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